Rise Of The Sufferfests


After a long and winding road, we finally finished a feature film about this muddy, messy world. Now it's time to unleash it. And we want to do so in a unique way that speaks to the grassroots spirit of sufferfests, bringing it straight to our core audience with a buzz-building, community-building summer ROADSHOW.

We'll screen it near key obstacle course events around the US (and hopefully Europe)... projecting the film onto inflatable screens in fields, fairgrounds, farms, parks, amphitheaters, whatever works. These will be BYO-blanket-and-beach-chairs sorts of affairs... and will feature Q&As with available cast, crew, athletes, insiders and other colorful people who happen to be around. The goal is simple, to create unforgettable evenings that celebrate this subculture.

In short, we don't want to do the festival circuit. We want to BE the festival. And if we play our cards right, we think we can raise enough noise to support a successful worldwide digital release this fall.

More dates and details coming soon!

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